Tips before the move

There is never a need to worry! If you have any questions at all leading up to your move, during or after Removal King are here to help you

Plan to start well before as it is surprising sometimes how much you have hidden away.  It is important to do it right and organise everything properly.

Get rid of any unwanted items how you can. Maybe sell them, donate, give items away or take to the tip any unwanted items.

It is usually a good time to have a clear out and cut down on some items you no longer need,

By prior arrangement we can take any usable goods to a charity shop on your behalf

When packing the removals boxes it helps to pack them to maximum capacity. This ensures there is not any wasted space but more importantly ensures all items are kept firm in the boxes for safe transportation to take place.

Don’t pack too many heavy items into large boxes as this can make the boxes too heavy. The heaviest items tend to be books, magazines, files etc. so it is best to pack these into smaller manageable boxes. Always where possible try to use double wall packing boxes.

Protect your most valuable items with bubble wrap and paper!

Items like plates, mugs, pans etc we would recommend using just a layer or two of paper. Newspaper is fine but we can supply fresh new professional wrapping paper.

Mark fragile items/boxes with fragile tape.

Mark your boxes with a description or at least what room you wish the items to go to with a marker pen. This makes it so much easier the other end for us and you!

We have a large selection of specialist packing materials available at very competitive prices and are available also to drop these off at your door.

Phone the team for more information and any general advise on 01789 772878