Putting your items into storage creates space and opportunities

Removal King can provide safe and secure Storage Facilities. Whatever your reason for needing storage we can provide you with a quote.

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Putting items into storage

There are many reasons for you to consider storing items. When selling your home there are important factors to determine a successful sale. Putting items in storage allow greater opportunities as you have more flexibility, which can increase your chances into making the correct decisions when buying your new home.

  • You may need to move into a rented accommodation before purchasing a new home
  • You have to move out of your house but are unable to move into your new house. This is when putting your items into storage is the best option for you.
  • Extra space may be required to clear a room for example, or to free up space for any reason
  • You could be renting out and would prefer to keep certain belongings safe.
  • When selling your home, it can be a good idea to put items into storage to free up space, which can make your home more desirable to customers.

There may be other reasons why you need storage but whatever the reason we can certainly help you just get in contact and we can provide you with a quote.

Long or Short term Storge

You have full control over your storage. There are many options available to choose from depending on your situation.

You can prepare your items and furniture yourself or if you wish you can leave it to our trained professionals, who will come to your house and pack up whatever items you need into packing boxes. We will then take them away to storage facilities where they will be stored for whichever length of time your desire.

Packing boxes

If you decide to pack your items yourself and you require packing boxes for storing your items, we can provide these. By using boxes to pack your belongings it makes it so much easier to transport, and keeps everything neat and tidy and organised.